Island Getaway Loop

They don't call this area Algoma's Island Getaway for nothing. Home to most of the District's food producing land, Central Algoma is a great place for home-cooked meals, warm hospitality and great sledding. From the farm country surrounding Echo Bay and Bruce Mines to St. Joseph Island, home to some of the world's best maple syrup stands, this area carries the bragging rights as the Region's most historic and laid back capital.

What better way to experience true Canadian hospitality than by entering the Country over the famous ice bridge from Drummond Island where a new customs building awaits. To wrap up this tour, a northern swing through Primeau Lake provides one of the area's best-kept secrets and greatest scenery. A nice start or finish to this journey through the Island Getaway.
Trail Tales

Touring this area can range from a 70 kilometre loop around St. Joseph Island to a 240 kilometre journey that extends all the way to Primeau Lake. As the name says, the Island Getaway has many trails that criss cross over farm fields and travel through maple stands often characterized by the lines circulating sap from the trees for maple syrup. Deer are a regular site on St. Joseph Island as well. Riders are warned that all of the ice crossings in this area are marked once conditions permit and that a call ahead to make sure of conditions is always a good idea.

Businesses on this trail:
(17) Copper Bay ShellGas, ConfectionaryBruce Mines
(19) Kents Corner'sFuelRichards Landing
(25) The Clansmen Motel AccommodationsSt Joseph Island
(37) Kentvale Merchants LTD/McDougall Fuels ConfectionaryNone
Town of Bruce Mines Municipality/ChamberBruce Mines
Village of Hilton Beach Municipality Hilton Beach

Snowmobile Clubs on this trail: